Synergy Health Programs provides comprehensive mental health treatment solutions. Our care is modulated to your unique needs. Whether you are battling a mental health disorder, enduring a stressful period in life, or aren’t sure what you need but know something is wrong, we’re here for you.

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Levels of Care Offered

-At the residential level of care, we offer long-term stays that focus on psychotherapy-based engagement. At the residential level, our patients come to us battling an array of mental health disorders, and many need specialized treatments to overcome their struggles.

Our program uses elements of CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), DBT, (dialectical behavioral therapy) and ACT (acceptance-commitment therapy) to help our patients work through life’s struggles and find peace. Through private and group therapy sessions with our counselors, we equip our patients with the vital tools they need to confront life’s problems without resorting to manic or erratic behaviors or substance misuse in order to cope.

-Outpatient – At the outpatient level of care, we provide a flexible care model to fit our patients’ unique needs. Some patients need daily care in both private and group contexts, while others — including those who have been receiving outpatient care for a period of time — will need a lower frequency of treatment.

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What’s more, outpatient care isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach; it needs to be calibrated depending on the unique circumstances our patients are facing.

How do we administer outpatient care? At Synergy Health Programs, most new patients meet with a psychiatrist for a clinical diagnosis to determine the challenges they are confronting, whether they are emotional responses to distressing life events or something more severe, such as a mental illness.

Once our psychiatrists have provided a diagnosis, our nursing team administers any necessary prescription medication in a safe and consistent way. Next, our clinical staffers — our psychologists and counselors — take over.


At our outpatient sites, these clinical personnel meet with patients privately for one-on-one counseling, and in group settings. Regular talk therapy helps patients unravel the entrenched mental health issues they are battling, and start to build tools to overcome their struggles in a safe and consistent way.

Our Outpatient division also administers psychotherapy in a less structured way for patients who wish to book a one-off session or consultation, and then come back as they please.

The purpose of our Outpatient programming is clear: To enable patients to incorporate treatment into their lives in a way that fits the demands and rigors of their busy schedules and other commitments. We meet patients where they are, to provide the resources they need to embrace a healthy and peaceful life.

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Mental Health Professionals

Dr. Morales

Dr. Morales is Board Certified in both Psychiatry as well as Addiction Psychiatry. He completed his psychiatry residency & obtained his medical degree at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. He is a Fellow of the American Society of Addiction Medicine and a Charter Member of the American Board of Addiction Medicine.

Dr. Berman

Dr. Berman is a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in acceptance and mindfulness-based treatments. He has written for Sober World Magazine and the 12 Step Gazette. He is principle investigator of an IRB approved research study and owner Cognitive Behavioral Counseling LLC. He earned a Doctorate of Psychology at La Salle University and holds Master’s Degrees in clinical psychology from La Salle University and West Chester University.

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We offer an unparalleled level of commitment to our patients and their families. Our leading specialists offer a full continuum of care from inpatient to outpatient.


The highest ethical standards guide all of our decision-making, and we adhere to the utmost degree of professionalism in everything we do.


We understand that addiction is a disease, and needs to be treated as such. We are dedicated to doing everything we can for the betterment of our patients, and push our limits everyday.

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