Meet Our Executive Leadership Team.

Executive Leadership

President & CEO
Peter Schorr
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Chief Operating Officer
Kevin Andrews

Chief Clinical Officer
Chrissy Gariano, MA
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Chief Administrative Officer
Scott Korogodsky
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Chief Nursing Officer
Melissa Callahan, CNO
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Chief Medical Officer
Roger Ayres, MD RPH
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Medical Team

Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine
Dr. Dively, DO
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Medicine Doctor
Dr. Brian Karsif, MD
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Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine
Dr. Adlen, DO
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Mental Health Professionals

Doctor of Psychology
Dr. Berman, PSYD
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Aldo Morales, MD, DFASAM
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Dr. Letitia Covaci, MD
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Dedicated Uniformed Personnel Team

  • – Frank Sambataro
  • – Beth

Dedicated Veteran Team

  • – Rodney Thorne: FL Veteran Liaison
  • – Major Gary Conley: FL Veteran Liaison
  • – Chris Spositi: Corporate Director of Veteran Services
  • – Jocelyn Lillis: CT Veteran Liaison
  • – Lisa Segers: PA Veteran Liaison
  • – Sonya Morton: PA Veteran Liaison
  • – Lynn Hale: Claims Support Specialist
  • – Ken Hale: Claims Support Specialist
  • – James Beckvermit: CT Veteran Therapist
  • – Gordon Bolig: PA Veteran Therapist
  • – Leighan Melnick: PA Veteran Therapist
  • – Allison Wade: PA Veteran Therapist

Healing Our Heroes Support Staff

  • – RJ Banks: FL Lead Therapist
  • – Ray Soltani: FL Clinical Specialist
  • – Ellie Wissler: FL Patient Care Manager
  • – Lorena Fotenont: FL Patient Care Coordinators
  • – Roger Marshall
  • – Karmai Alexander

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