Specialized Programming

At Retreat Behavioral Health, we custom-tailor our addiction treatment services to meet your specific needs. We provide specialized programs for patients and groups. Read more below about the special programming we offer at our Palm Beach and Lancaster County rehabilitation centers.

LGBTQ Services

We provide a safe recovery setting for all LGBTQ individuals seeking mental health resources and addiction treatment at Retreat. At Retreat Behavioral Health, we fully understand the unique stressors affecting LGBTQ individuals and their addictions, as well as their mental health needs.

Co-Occurring Treatment

Those suffering with co-occurring disorders can turn to us for integrated healing programs designed to address their specific needs and challenges. We provide a stigma-free treatment center where patients will be treated for mental health and their drug and alcohol addiction in a safe environment.


Retreat at Lancaster County accepts pregnant patients up to 32 weeks gestation with any substance use disorder. We will provide medication assisted detoxification and arrange with local OB/GYN offices and high-risk providers to offer obstetric care. We also have a board-certified OB/GYN on staff to monitor the patients throughout their detoxification and rehabilitation.


Pain Management Services

Pain management services are designed specifically for individuals suffering with acute and chronic pain. In providing these services, we help our patients learn new methods of alleviating paint without the use of medication. Pain Management practices include healing exercises, meditation, and music therapy. These alternative approaches help to minimize or completely eliminate prescription drug dependence. In addition to reducing pain, our goal is to enhance our patients overall well-being.


Patients with a history of traumatic stress and addiction can get the assistance they need from our personalized, team-centered treatment approach. We help patients set boundaries and establish a sense of emotional and physical safety through our integrated modalities.


We provide treatment incorporating various aspects of mindfulness, such as watchfulness, self-observation, and meditation. This approach helps patients undergo a recovery process based in wisdom and life balance.


We help patients explore and strengthen their spirituality in order to build a more solid foundation for their recovery. Spiritual health helps individuals to more effectively cope with problems and maintain healthy lifestyles. We offer experiential electives, workshops with track teams, and more.


We have a unique track at Retreat that addresses trauma and PTSD and we have veterans on our clinical staff at both of our facilities. We offer a full continuum of care, individualized programs for PTSD, Grief & Loss as well as Trauma track groups and holistic therapy which offers patients different outlets.

Gender Specific Groups

Men and women have different physiological, biological, and social factors affecting their addiction and recovery. For these reasons, we offer gender-specific group therapy. We provide a safe environment where patients can relate to others of the same gender who share similar experiences.

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