We Understand the Effects of PTSD

Providing one of the best PTSD treatment centers for veterans in Florida, South Connecticut, and Pennsylvania, we understand mental health, and addiction are widespread problems across the United States, affecting people of all backgrounds. Veterans however are often predisposed to substance use issues due to past trauma and difficulties adjusting to civilian life after deployment.

At Retreat, we offer comprehensive drug rehab and mental health services for veterans that helps them re-adjust to civilian life in a way that is healthy and sustainable. We are always accepting new patients through the Veterans Administration, and we aim to provide veterans with all of the support services that they need to overcome their addictions and move on to a better way of living.

Compassionate Mental Health Help For Veterans

At Retreat, we offer mental health help for veterans that sees them for more than just their addiction. Many veterans come to us suffering from PTSD, or post traumatic stress disorder. PTSD is a disorder where an individual has a difficult time overcoming their experience of a traumatic event. And for those who serve in the armed forces, where traumatic events are part of the job, it is not unusual to return to civilian life with deep seated—and too often, unaddressed—PTSD that bleeds in to all other areas of the veteran’s life. Many veterans look to drugs and alcohol to help them numb their PTSD, over time finding it more and more difficult to function without these substances.

Addiction is a problem that can easily affect all areas of a veteran’s life. It is estimated that veterans account for between one-fourth and one-fifth of all homeless people in the U.S., and among homeless veterans, 76 percent experience drug, alcohol, or mental health problems.

Our state of the art facilities in Florida, Pennsylvania, and South Connecticut are uniquely designed to provide help for veterans with PTSD and mitigate the symptoms and behaviors that result in homelessness and ongoing distress. We strive to give our veterans and heroes the best possible care and treatment available, with individually-focused treatment modalities that focus on a veteran’s addiction and the unprocessed trauma that is so often at its core.

Get PTSD Support

Retreat Behavioral Health provides the same services that we have been offering to veterans at our Florida, South Connecticut, and Pennsylvania locations since 2011. In addition to supporting veterans through inpatient treatment, we work with local Veterans Affairs hospitals to develop strong and maintainable aftercare plans for patients after discharge. All veterans are assigned an outreach coordinator who assures that they are set up with appropriate therapeutic services and housing upon discharge.

Veterans, like all of our patients, are accepted 24 hours a day at both of our PTSD treatment centers for veterans, with ground transportation provided for travels both to and from our facilities. Many veterans come to us through the Veterans Administration, though all are welcome to enroll in our programs—no matter the means of getting there. Standard treatment plans include detoxification and substantive mental and behavioral health therapies, with a strong focus on past traumas and PTSD. Treatment plans are individualized to align with a veteran’s specific background and needs, and may include spiritual components that incorporate a veteran’s belief system.

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No veteran should have to struggle on their own. We are proud to offer veterans the support that they need for a life of recovery and success, and we are always accepting new patients. For more information, please contact us at 855.859.8810 to learn more about our admissions process for veterans and how to receive help for yourself or a loved one. If you are considering suicide, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, 1-800-273-8255, option 1. 

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