RETREAT BEHAVIORAL HEALTH launches new service offering to treat depression: A partnership with BrainsWay, provider of patented deep transcranial magnetic stimulation technology

RETREAT BEHAVIORAL HEALTH launches new service offering to treat depression: A partnership with BrainsWay, provider of patented deep transcranial magnetic stimulation technology

(PALM BEACH, FL; LANCASTER COUNTY, PA) — Retreat Behavioral Health has partnered with BrainsWay, the leading provider of deep transcranial magnetic stimulation technology, to provide patients seeking support for depression a groundbreaking new treatment modality.

BrainsWay is the producer of a patented, FDA-approved technology that uses a helmet outfitted with special coils to activate parts of the brain associated with successes in reducing depression. Retreat is a leading provider of mental health and substance use care at the residential and outpatient levels.

Retreat, which operates large residential facilities in Palm Beach, FL; Lancaster County, PA; and New Haven, CT, is presently proud to offer BrainsWay at its outpatient behavioral health service centers in Palm Beach and Lancaster County.

What makes the BrainsWay treatment such a powerful new tool for Retreat to introduce to patients eligible for this form is care is that BrainsWay technology is able to stimulate neurotransmitters in the brain associated with increased bloodflow and glucose metabolism. The result is an improvement in mood and, over time, lessened symptoms of depression.

“We’re delighted to expand our clinical offerings with BrainsWay,” said Peter Schorr, founder and CEO of Retreat Behavioral Health, in a statement. “This partnership with BrainsWay enables us to maximize our services for our patients and introduce an efficacious new tool to the treatment experience.”

Vanina Hochman, MA, LMFT, Retreat’s Corporate Director of Special Programs, agreed. 

“The remarkable qualities that BrainsWay brings to treatment are backed by science and evidenced by clear results in clinical trials and patient feedback,” Hochman said. “Being able to deploy a tool like BrainsWay gives eligible patients one more resource to overcome depression and begin their journey to recovery.”

The BrainsWay service is administered at Retreat by highly-trained members of staff who are equipped to address patient questions and concerns at the outset of treatment and throughout the entire experience. The course of treatment consists of a series of 20-minute treatments, delivered via the patented BrainsWay helmet, in 20-minute sessions five days per week for a period of six weeks, with a subsequent taper. 

One major benefit of the BrainsWay service is that, unlike other treatment modalities, the service doesn’t entail any ingestible substances; it is delivered entirely through the helmet and coils, using deep transcranial magnetic stimulation (DTMS) to help produce key chemicals in the brain that are associated with mood.

To determine patient eligibility, patients should consult their doctor or contact Retreat if they have not yet been pre-approved for treatment. Retreat staff will arrange a consultation with one of our licensed physicians to determine whether a prospective patient is a candidate for BrainsWay.

“Being able to offer BrainsWay to our patients is just the latest reflection of our commitment to highly innovative forms of care as we start 2021,” Schorr said. 

“It’s really a fit that we are bringing BrainsWay to the Retreat community,” Hochman added. “We are looking forward to seeing the excellent results the service creates for our community of patients.”



Retreat Behavioral Health is a leading provider of substance use and mental health care with facilities at the residential and outpatient levels up and down the East Coast.

With large residential sites in Palm Beach County, FL; Lancaster County, PA; and New Haven, CT, plus a series of outpatient behavioral health service centers in key localities including Miami and Philadelphia, Retreat’s highly-trained staff are celebrated for their compassionate care and deep clinical and medical knowledge. Retreat has helped thousands of patients achieve long-term recovery in its decade of operations, and has innovative clinical programming that transcends holistic therapy, medication-assisted treatment, medically-monitored detox, long-term counseling, and more.


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