Why Is the First High Always the Strongest?

Do you remember the first time you rode a rollercoaster or did something adventurous? Do you remember feeling euphoric, almost as if you were on top of the world? Those feelings are truly irreplaceable. No matter how many rollercoasters you ride, nothing will be as exciting as the initial thrill.

In the world of drug and substance abuse, addicts are seeking the feelings they felt when they experienced their first high. Chasing the dragon, as it’s called, is all about seeking that initial euphoric feeling where all of the pain, discomfort, depression, and other negative factors drift to the back of your mind.

The Initial High

Getting high the first time is like no other feeling. Your first high likely left you feeling powerful, strong, happy, and free of all of your troubles. Once the high wears off, your brain seeks that initial euphoric feeling.

The problem? You’ll never feel that same exact feeling again. The rush won’t be as strong. The high won’t be as good as it was the first go-round. In turn, addicts tend to become paranoid, angry, and upset.

This is because the brain and other parts of the body build a tolerance to the drug.

Tolerance & Heightened Danger

As addicts continue drug use, over time their bodies develop tolerance to their substance of choice. Tolerance occurs in the brain and causes users to feel less high or drunk than they did the first time.

When tolerance levels increase, addicts are more likely to increase their drug usage. What started out as a single pill or a drink or two a day can easily turn into a deadly habit. As addicts start to use more of a substance to get high or switch to a stronger substance, there becomes a dire need for inpatient drug rehab to help them break the cycle.

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