By Deja Gilbert, PhD, LMHC, LPC

Chief Business Officer

Retreat Premier Addiction Treatment Center
It used to be so simple. Wasn’t it?

As kids, it always seemed easy and fun to plan a way to celebrate Mother’s Day, or give her a special heart-felt gift. We wanted to show love and caring to the person who showed us the same affection during childhood. “How would we celebrate mom’s special day?” “Where should I take her to eat?” “What kind of flowers should I get?” “What would be the perfect gift?”

Years later, a lot has changed – including our relationship with mom.

As a professional working in the addiction field with young adults and college students, I have heard so many similar personal stories from both those who struggle with addiction as well as their families. For the son dealing with an opioid addiction, for example, the only thing his mom wants is to have him back in her daily life. She wants to spend time with him, enjoying the young man she’s missed for so long. She wants to enjoy the simplicity of feeling connected and knowing he’s safe and healthy again.

The truth is that moms facing similar situations just want to have their kids back. There is no substitute.

Start Your Recovery Now

Entering treatment at Retreat will help you take back control of your life. With sobriety, you can have life again and feel connected to those who matter most to you and who champion for you…like mom. Give her the chance to see you enjoy life – sober and free of addiction.

Retreat offers family education programs if you want to keep mom, other family members and friends close during your treatment. These programs teach you to love yourself and your family to help you through treatment. You’ll build a strong support system and your loved ones will know more about your addiction and the path to recovery. Studies show that you have a greater chance at recovery when those close to you are involved during treatment.

If you are pregnant and dealing with substance abuse, Retreat is one of the few treatment centers in the United States that offers a program specifically designed for treating pregnant women at any stage during pregnancy. Retreat’s full-time Obstetrics Gynecologist, Dr. Kristi Dively, develops customized treatment programs specifically for women who are pregnant. Moms-to-be have an entire team assisting with their unique physical, spiritual, and emotional needs while Dr. Dively provides the medical support for the mother and her unborn child.

With a team dedicated to your individual needs, Retreat provides the life-saving, life-changing recovery tools you need to get yourself healthy. It’s the greatest thing you can do for yourself—and the greatest gift you can give to those you love.


Get Help Now.

If you’re seeking treatment for drug addiction, Retreat Premier Addiction Treatment Centers is ready to discuss therapy and treatment options with you and your family. Call Retreat’s 24/7 HELPLINE at (866) 470-8161, click for more information or to chat online for instant answers, or engage us on social media privately or publicly.