Man Dies of Overdose Hours Before Checking Into Rehab

How can I get help for a loved one who is dangerously addicted to drugs? Last Wednesday a California man died of a drug overdose only a few hours before he was scheduled to check himself into rehab, a police report says. The 32 year old man was found unconscious on Wednesday evening with dangerous narcotics next to his bed. Thursday morning he was expected to start rehab treatment. One of the saddest parts of this story was that his family found him and were not able to resuscitate him. Families all over the country struggle with the drug addiction of their loved ones every day, and unfortunately some of them even have to deal with the deaths of loved ones caused by drug overdose. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Click here to read what you can do about addiction in your family.

Every Day is a Gift When Living with Drug Addiction

Man Dies of Overdose Hours Before Checking Into Rehab
Man Dies of Overdose Hours Before Checking Into Rehab

This story hits on one of the most important things you should understand about drug addiction. Every day is a gift, because we don’t live forever. But when you are struggling in active addiction, this idea is even more important. Drugs addiction and alcoholism are incredibly hard on the health, and they also cause us to do things we wouldn’t normally do. For this reason, every time we get high or drunk, we are rolling the dice with our lives. Unfortunately for the man in this story, his addiction caught up to him before he could get help. And while not everyone may think there addiction is that serious, all addiction puts people at risk. Families lose trust, relationships are strained, careers are destroyed, and communities are divided all because of addiction. Read more about the story of the man who overdosed before rehab here.


Heroin and Prescription Drug Addiction Harm Families

Although the article said the man died of a narcotics overdose, the chances are the overdose can be attributed to either prescription drug or heroin abuse. Opiates are one of the most deadly and most addictive drug families that exist. On top of that, many people have prescription drugs in their own homes, giving young people easy access to the drugs. Prescription drug and heroin addiction are at all time highs, and America is losing loved ones.


Affordable Pennsylvania Inpatient Rehab

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