How Crack Addicts Can Make the Right Choice!

What’s the best treatment for crack addiction-and can I afford it? Many people around the country have heard the stereotypes about crack users. Most people think of crack users as being insane, manic, and irrational, caring only about their next fix. Those who grew up in the 1980’s may remember the warnings that crack users abandoned their children, stole, and caused violent crime. However one Columbia University professor named Dr. Carl Hart has done research that concluded crack addicts are capable of making rational choices about their future, even while high on the drug. If you are struggling with crack addiction, you may already know this. But what Dr. Hart has shown is that, given the right alternative, you too can recover and move on with your life. Click here to read how drug rehab may be the right option for crack addiction recovery.

Crack Addicts Can Recover Given the Right Alternatives

During his experiments, Dr. Hart gave crack addicts the choice between smoking more crack and earning a different type of reward, like cash or meal vouchers. The surprising fact demonstrated by Dr. Hart was that crack addicts often chose the other options over smoking more crack. This led Dr. Hart to the conclusion that when given the right opportunities, crack users would choose to leave the drug behind. The implications of this are pretty amazing. Dr. Hart actually believes that many ghettos and poor neighborhoods around the country were not destroyed by crack, but were instead destroyed by other social forces like poverty and unemployment. So when given a chance to leave poverty, these same people could go on to live healthy and successful lives. Learn more about this fascinating study here.


Rehab for Crack Addiction: A Different Plan

 How Crack Addicts Can Make the Right Choice
How Crack Addicts Can Make the Right Choice!

One alternative that many people don’t seriously consider is drug rehab. The reason rehab is such a good idea for crack addicts is that it offers a better lifestyle that doesn’t include active addiction. Imagine if crack addicts were shown that by quitting smoking drugs they would be able to get a job and earn a real income. Imagine if crack users were able to get out of the circle of needing to feel small momentary pleasure to hide the massive abyss of satisfaction that was their horrible life, and were instead able to live a fulfilling life without the need to escape reality with drugs?


Affordable Crack Rehab Turns Lives Around

Are you addicted to crack and ready to explore other options for your life? Retreat at Lancaster County and Palm Beach County is a highly respected and affordable crack rehab center. By starting a rehab program, you will get to detox from the powerful drugs, renew your life, and make smart choices about your future. Retreat at Lancaster County and Palm Beach County also focuses on helping patients develop skills and competencies that will help them get jobs and succeed after rehab is over, which is one of the best ways to keep a person active and busy. Don’t waste another day of your life being addicted to crack. Check out Retreat at Lancaster County’s vocational skills program and you will see why crack rehab is the right choice for your life.