Exciting News For Our Patients Enrolled with Aetna!

(Palm Beach County, FL) — Retreat Behavioral Health is proud to announce its brand new partnership with Aetna 360™ Behavioral Health. Through this approach, Aetna partners specializing in behavioral health and substance use disorder can coordinate care for members, collaborate on holistic discharge planning and provide support for members and their families during treatment and upon discharge.

Aetna’s newest service is built upon a combination of recent programs–Member Care Coordination (MCC) and Utilization Management Transformation (UMT). Both programs launched in 2017 and reportedly led to lower readmission rates, higher follow-up rates for mental health visits, and high engagement and satisfaction rates among members, caregivers, and providers.

According to MaryEllen Schuman, Director, Clinical Health Services, Aetna Behavioral Health, “This new approach incorporates both a member’s physical and behavioral health, along with any social determinants of health, to ensure we develop a comprehensive, long-term plan that helps them attain and maintain their optimal health.”

Through a single point of contact via an assigned 360 Care Advocate, partnering facilities, as well as members and their caregivers, are ensured necessary resources are provided from a primary care provider to appointment transportation. Advocates are in turn supported by an Aetna team comprised of medical and pharmaceutical professionals.

At launch, 304 facilities have partnered with Aetna 360™ Behavioral Health, including Retreat. Patients of all ages who are Aetna commercial members are eligible to receive these benefits under our care.

Peter Shorr, President and CEO, Retreat Behavioral Health, explained, “We deal with a sick population, but Aetna has been right there with us. Aetna ensures patients are provided with the stays that they need. It feels good to be trusted and not fight over reviews.”