Celebrating Summer Sobriety: 9 Tips for a Successful Summer in Recovery

The summer can be a difficult time for individuals in recovery, leaving inpatient rehab and as stepping out into summer activities can present an immediate challenge to your sobriety. Barbecues, camping trips, beach parties, and summer weddings may all have been associated with drug or alcohol use in the past, and new strategies will be needed to navigate these hurdles.

Drug treatment centers create ongoing treatment plans to help recovering addicts transition back into a healthy social life. This short list of strategies will bring back the natural joy of summer activities while protecting early sobriety.

Explore and Enjoy the Everyday Experience

Having worked hard to achieve sobriety from drugs and alcohol, it is important to establish daily activities that that are naturally pleasurable and stimulating.

  1. Walk or hike in a natural setting. Experience the many moods of nature and breathe in clean air. Explore new places to develop everyday retreats. Discover an inspiring place to focus on your thoughts or to let them go, and make it a daily destination or weekend getaway.
  2. Be an accidental tourist. There are interesting sights and destinations all around you. Step into the small store you’ve always wondered about. Take a tour of a local mansion or historical site. Build a stronger connection with your local history and community.
  3. Join in a team sport. Find local opportunities for exercise in a group setting and build motivating relationships. Daytime events are less likely to end with intoxicants. Martial arts (including Tai Chi) are usually substance-free in their philosophy.

Employ Strategies for Sobriety at Summer Events

  1. Have an exit strategy. If you begin to feel stressed or experience cravings, you will need to leave with a prepared excuse. Bring your own vehicle or ride with a sober and supportive friend and always park where you can exit easily.
  2. Find sober friendships. Don’t go it alone in a challenging environment. Foster sober friendships and bring an ally with you who understands your journey. Choosing events organized by recovery groups or your inpatient drug rehab will help you find those friendships.
  3. Ask for what you need. You may have family and friends who want to support you in attending their events while staying sober, but they don’t know how to help. Be clear on what would make you feel comfortable and able to attend.

smiling woman near a stall with green plants

Celebrate Your Milestones

Residential rehab facilities and alcohol treatment centers recommend celebrating your milestones and rewarding yourself for staying sober long-term.

  1. It’s my party. Host your own milestone party and make your own rules. Specify that this is a substance-free event, choose your guest list, and accept help with food, beverages, and activities.
  2. Plant a victory garden. Start a patio garden, flower bed, or vegetable patch. Gardening provides a reason to get outside and enjoy a healthy activity that yields edible bounty while reducing stress.
  3. Make a statement. Find a volunteer opportunity involving something you are passionate about. Renew your commitment to sobriety as you make a new commitment to a charity group, rehab center, or animal shelter.

Continued Healing of Mind and Body

After returning home from our inpatient rehab facility at Retreat Premier Addiction Treatment Centers, we encourage our patients to rejoin the community and continue their holistic healing as they branch out in new directions. Our drug addiction treatment philosophy and innovative therapies focus on healing the whole person.

If you or a family member needs help finding the right path to sobriety, reach out to us today to find true understanding and caring guidance.