Advocacy in Recovery

We are coming into my favorite month of the year, September. My love for the month of September is not because of the change of weather, pumpkin spice coffee or the return of my children going back to school. I adore this month because it is a month dedicated to promoting, celebrating, and spotlighting recovery!

Throughout the years, one of my greatest joys has been to share my recovery journey honestly, typically wearing it on my sleeve. I live by the quote, “when we are quiet, we die.” There is such a stigma attached to substance use disorder and not enough of a spotlight on the fact that people do recover.

Realizing that the stories of sadness are provided at such a higher rate than the stories of success, I became empowered to be the light. When I first entered recovery, I had the idea that to be an advocate I needed some type of special training; turns out all you need is passion and an outlet. There are simple ways that you too can be an advocate in recovery the month of September and year-round!

  • Find out what organizations within your community are providing recovery outlets – give of your time and join a committee!
  • Educate yourself not only on the disease of substance use disorder, but the multiple pathways of recovery.
  • If you are comfortable with your own journey of recovery – share the hope!

Through my journey of advocacy in recovery, the ripple effect of honestly sharing the struggle and the successes has touched more lives than I have ever imagine it could. Substance use disorder took everything of meaning from my life, but my recovery has provided me everything I value and love today – I am set on being the light and the hope that my truth will be the start to another person’s ripple effect of wellness.