1 in 5 College Students Abuse Prescription Drugs

How can I get drug rehab treatment for my son or daughter? College is an important time for many young people. Most people plant the seeds of their career, their future romantic and friend relationships, and start the habits that they will have for a long time to come. But some people also adopt some nasty habits, like alcoholism and drug addiction. One survey shows that prescription drug abuse is something one in five college students experiments with today. This fact is startling because it shows that not only do young people have access to prescription drugs of all types, they also don’t have respect for their potential consequences. Drugs like Xanax, Adderall, Percocet, Ambien, and OxyContin all have a high potential for dependence, and while many teens should be getting their life off to a good start, instead they are fighting an addiction they should have never had to deal with. Are prescription drugs worth the risk? Click here to look how some experts say no.

Student Prescription Drug Abuse an Epidemic

1 in 5 College Students Abuse Prescription Drugs
1 in 5 College Students Abuse Prescription Drugs

The problem with students recreationally using prescription drugs isn’t that it will always kill them the first time. The problem is that when they like the effects of the first time, they may take more. Often college students experiment with mixing prescription drugs and alcohol at parties, and they have no idea what potentially lethal cocktail they have just swallowed. Even when they are not at parties, students can become dependent on these powerful drugs and eventually they can get addicted. Drug addiction will take over their life and they may never get the opportunities they have now again. Read more about this astonishing survey here.

College Rehab the Best Time to get Life on Track

One of the most important times in a person’s life is when they are becoming an adult and figuring out how to live without their parents. But for those who are experiencing addiction during this formative time, they may not be setting themselves up for the best life ahead. That’s why college student prescription drug rehab is so incredibly important. Rehab for college students can help replace mental illness and poor stress coping mechanisms with healthy habits and routines.

Affordable Drug Rehab For Teens and Young Adults

Are you or your college student suffering from prescription drug addiction? Retreat at Lancaster County and Palm Beach County has a team of addiction specialists who are experienced working with young adults. Not only that, Retreat allows young people to express themselves and honestly address their own problems and emotions that are at the core of their addiction. Don’t brush college student prescription drug addiction under the rug. At Retreat, you can know that facing this problem early will lead to the best outcome: a full recovery. Click here to learn more about Retreat at Lancaster County and Palm Beach County and how their prescription drug rehab can be right for your teen.